Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 9. June 9, 2011-New Mexico

Second night at Black Canyon Campground. Very cold. I’m wearing socks, a scarf and two sweaters to bed. Etta crawled inside the sleeping bag with me. Stunning rock and pine setting, but no electricity, or showers. The pit toilets are well maintained and not too smelly. When I sit on the seat, however, a really cold draft of air wafts up...too much information? So sorry.

Photo removed by request

Dearest Readers,
This is the Hand to Hand artist Madison Rink treating me to a homemade picnic lunch by a stream in the Kit Carson National Forest near Taos, New Mexico. We are 7,000 feet in elevation enjoying the sun, shade, the sound of the gurgling stream and good conversation about art, life and the cosmic mind.

She took a picture of Etta and I by the stream. Madison gave us (Etta and me) a tour of the artsy village of Taos, and stopped near a bridge over the frighteningly deep Rio Grande Gorge on the river’s long journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

I arrived early in the afternoon at Madison’s beautiful modern adobe house on a hill adjoining native pueblo land. The interior is designed with hand made tiles and carved, twisty wooden columns. Mesas surround her house 360 degrees.

Photo removed by request.

I “handed” over her bloodied, disfigured war gloves commemorating her Iraq war week –December 10-15, 2007. We are on her deck that overlooks the mountain they call the pregnant woman, who appears to be lying on her back with her face to the left and the baby bump close to me. A strong desert wind blows.

The day started in Santa Fe near my campground at Black Canyon with a little pedestrian sightseeing. I bought a pair of turquoise and silver studs from one of the Native American jewelry vendors in the famous old square, and walked with Etta by the Museum of New Mexico.

We leave in the morning for Flagstaff, AZ. I’ll be happy to get back on the journey, but sorry to leave this sacred place.


  1. Oh yea! Nothing like that part of the West to pick up one's spirits! And Flagstaff is a great place too...great KOA campground off the main drag and snuggled up against a mountain. The backroads to the Grand Canyon from there are always so much more stunning than the usual tourist route...more canyons along the way, birch trees...anyway, what a great Blog this is to read everyday!
    I sent you an e-mail to your e-mail address I have with a friend's cellphone number in Santa Barbara, CA. If you need a place to stay, e-mail me if you didn't get it and I'll get it to you! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. OMG CECELIA! TOO COOL for words! Hugs! Thanks for the inspiration of JOURNEY!

  3. Thanks, Ruth. We;re truckin' along. Hope you are doing well. I don't have a lot of opportunity to do email reading on the road. I find a coffee shop and then send the blog, trying to be quick so Etta doesn't fry in the car.