Thursday, February 6, 2014


Rising Tide-2014_acrylic and oil on canvas_42"x45"
 Dearest Readers,
This is the newest painting in my “wings” series. Over the last two years, the wing images have morphed into rising, surging shapes that merge the metaphor of transformation with the imagery of something good bubbling up inside me. I’m solidly moving along a spiritual path, meaning a way of seeing myself in the midst of something bigger, something cosmic. Future blogs will explore this direction further.

Below are the five steps in the development of Rising Tide, beginning with the initial “test” painting on kraft paper completed in 2012 in my Center Street Studio, Rutland Vermont. 
"Threshold Wings" 2012_35" x 39"_Acrylic and oilstick on kraft

I love each phase in its development, like a proud parent nurturing a child into maturity. Beneath the final piece lie the ghosts of earlier versions. I find this comforting. Should I have stopped at phase 2? or 3?  I think not. Something was missing that I needed to unearth from inside me, and lead up to the surface of the painting. I'm grateful to be a painter, using the language of art to speak to the viewer, to find out about my world of vision and imagination, and maybe discover who I might be. Such fun!
Phase 1_Rising Tide_Background_acrylic and gesso on canvas
Phase 2_Rising Tide_Underwater Ghost_acrylic and gesso on canvas
Phase three-Joyous eruption

Phase four-mapping and controlling
Phase five-premature aging, circumscribing the joy

Final Phase-Rising in the cosmos of infinite space