Sunday, January 26, 2014


“In the long process of digging down in the heat of summer, I discovered strength, moderation, and bravery. I no longer felt the need to ask Mom about the nature of death. I had instead created a deep place of my own for thinking, and abiding–a place that confirmed my power in old age”- Cecelia Kane  
The Mother Hole-Proposal Drawing 2012
Dearest Readers,
The quote above is part of my artist statement used as wall text at ATHICA to accompany my documentary photos of digging “The Mother Hole”, an environmental work performed in 2012 at The Carving Studio in West Rutland Vermont. Many of you followed my blog that summer as I described my thoughts and the physical process of seeking answers to questions of self and death.  Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA) in Athens, GA is currently showing them in The Third Act, a group exhibition about the final stage of life, running from January 18-March 2, 2014. In addition, the curator, Lizzie Zucker Saltz selected 12 of my 60+ self-portraits that also question the meaning of self and identity. 
Cecelia in front of the Mother Hole progress pics

Kane-Twelve Self-Portraits from "How Am I Feeling Today?" series

Below are my favorite pieces in The Third Act show. At the bottom are the documentary photos of my 5-week creation of “The Mother Hole”.
Malena Bergmann-The Final Hour, a kinetic sculpture with an actual EKG of the artist's step-mother's heartbeat during the last hour of life.
Tom Hussey-Reflections-The Scientist, one of 8 photo prints

Karen Hymer-from Skin Series-Self Handarm

Ann Rowles with Porosity-crocheted pelvis and spine

Peter Nelson-On Dying-Video of 20 somethings lip synching words of seniors discussing death

 And here are my Mother Hole Progress Photos :

Future Hole Site-Cecelia and Etta James (my dog)

Early Dig

Continuing Down

Dig Site

Testing the branches in the hole

Fashioning the ladder

Close up of lashed rung with double clove hitches and square knots

Close up of stacking pattern of marble shard wall

Building up the wall

Marble lining complete

14 foot aspen ladder in lower hole

Final Mother Hole in the Field