Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Haypenny Rd. Peacham Vt

Fallen apples on Mack's Mtn. Rd. Peacham Vt

Dearest Readers,
T’is the season for winding down and packing up. Apples and leaves are releasing their hold on the trees. Vermont hummingbirds are feverishly fattening up for their two thousand mile journey to Central America, 

and I’m letting go of this rural life–simultaneously filling up on favorite Vermont-y things before my 3,100-mile trip to Portland Oregon next month. I’ve been hiking local trails,
Cecelia Kane and Etta James atop Devil's Hill overlooking the North East Kingdom of Vermont

About to walk my favorite snowmobile trail (in the summer) up towards Cow Hill_Peacham Vt

 eating regional treats,
Maybe my last maple creamee (Vermont lingo for soft-serve ice cream)
re-visiting museums,
Michael Beale and I at Keith Sonnier installation_Hall Art Foundation_Reading Vermont

seeing cousins,
In Rutland Vt visiting my cousins Moira, left and her daughter Elaine center.

and art friends.
Left to Right_Ginger Birdsey_Sarah Ashe_Kathy Clarke and me in Ripton Vt

I’m compiling a picture file of my new Peacham friends and acquaintances ,
Barbara Hegenbart_fellow walker and librarian
Tom Galinat, Peacham Town Clerk

Lorna Quimby_Peacham historian
Rachel_H.S. student at St. Johnsbury Academy and regular coffee hour attendee at Peacham library

and inserting my selfie-self in the historical landscape.
Me standing at the intersection of Main and Church Streets in the heart of "downtown" Peacham Vt

I’m targeting the end of September to finish two new paintings in my studio. Here's one–
Me with Falling Leaves No. 4 in progress

Maybe I’ll walk the Vermont corn maze near here with Cynther, my friend and landlady, if I have the time.  
Aerial view of Vermont corn maze in Danville, Vt

Cynther Greene atop Devil's hill overlook

One regret: I’m sorry I did not finish my woven-stick hut in the field, but I leave it in Cynther's good hands for re-purposing.
The unfinished hut_needs trimming, and more sticks especially at the top_sigh!