Sunday, July 12, 2015


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Dearest Readers,

My six year old grandson, Roman, from Brooklyn, spent last week with me in rural Vermont.  This blog is a picture gallery of some of the wonderfully crazy ways his brain works.

“Rule Number One: No taking pictures when someone is sleeping! 

“Rule Number Two: No news!”

“Rule Number Three: No eggs!”
Walking up the wall first thing in the morning
He says, "I'm not used to being outside without a purpose."

I say, "Don't keep opening the freezer." Roman says, "Open is my middle name."
Reading outside with Roman who says, "The bugs are flying in my ears!"
Being a dog named Ro-bo
Finding a hideout. I crawl inside too.
He says, "It's too cold." (at Martin's Pond)
2-1/2 hours at the library playing Monopoly using Roman's rules
No comment in the tractor at Kempton Farm
At Harvey's Lake, Roman sings "Digging a Hole" like Uncle Grandpa on the Cartoon Network

Cotton Candy is my middle name (among many things he likes to eat or do).

"Go Faster!", says Roman in front with friend Aiden in back. (on Island Pond)

Roman's drawings of Ant, Neptune his Cat, Pandy and Crocodile march out of his mouth
Roman likes playing Mine Craft on his iPad with friend, Aiden.
Likes telling jokes
Note to Mom and Dad and his dead dog, Destro at the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain
Loves Mac n' Cheese
Likes broccoli but hates corn
Hates spaghetti with red sauce
Loves avocado with a little lemon juice
Hates the smell of my green tea
Likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread
Hates the smell of flowery soap...only likes fruity smells like watermelon soap
Likes Cheerios and apple juice
Hates the smell of apple juice when cereal crumbs fall in
Loves strawberries, the Robots movie, and hamming it up
Hates my chocolate cake
Likes peaches
Loves Nutella on a slice of bread, but next time not as a sandwich!
Loves numbers and stories

Loves pancakes and maple syrup, but next time, NO BLUEBERRIES!

Wrong brand of chicken Nuggets---"Too Spicy!"

Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, he loves applesauce! Click this link:

This happy, obedient grandma is signing off..... Grandma Cecelia