Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25-June 25, 2011-Last Day in Portland, OR

Dearest Readers,

Please excuse my woodsy digression from the job of returning the Hand to Hand artwork.
This is my final day of rest and play in Portland. Perfect weather. Time on our hands. Etta and I explored the Columbia River Gorge area from Historic Scenic Highway 30, an easy half-hour drive from the city.

We stopped at Vista House atop a rocky promontory called Crown Point, built by Samuel Lancaster, a highway engineer in the first decade of the twentieth century.
Etta is surveying the vast expanse of the Columbia River Gorge with Oregon on the right, and Washington on the left side.

We hiked through the surrounding woods. Did some easy rock climbing. Investigated a white-water brook. Climbed trails and bridges to marvel at the secluded elegance of the sheer slip of Latourell Falls, and the splashy gush of double-dipping Bridal Veil Falls further down the road.

Chicken on the backyard grill, and salad from the garden are on the menu tonight.

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  1. This has been the most refreshing stop along the way! Don't want you to leave any sooner than you probably want to! :)