Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 4. June 4, 2011-Grand Isle, LA

Dearest Readers,
Hiram Davis and his son Hiram Junior hold a couple of the 10 varieties of cajun butt-burner sauces they make. I now own bottles of the original “Bayou Butt Burner”, “Sweet Cajun Fire”, and “Global Warming” compliments of the Hiram Davises.

Hiram Senior also has a Bayou Resume Service with cool truck graphics.

I'm on Grand Isle with Etta James (dog) at a campground right on the oil blobs...just loads of lawyer billboards.

Paul, the summer campground host, and his wife Sue drove around the sites tonight giving away fresh cooked crab, shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cob from a boil on the beach. Yum!

No gloves to deliver for the next few days until I make it to New Mexico.

Turns out this state park campground is for RVs. My little dome tent sits humbly and simply under a palm tree.


  1. So happy you are both able to cool down by the water! Are you playing and listening to music on the drive?

  2. I'm mostly thinking and looking as I drive in silence. I'll talk out loud to Etta and tell her about the sights as she sleeps contentedly in the passenger seat. I could not fit her crate in my "Toaster" of a Scion, so we are close together as we ride.

  3. A penny for your thoughts! What are you thinking beyond the challenge of the driving, the heat, the loneliness, the relationships? What about 511? Does she seem far away now?