Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23-Emergence-Rutland Vermont

Dearest Readers,

Miss Mole raised the hem of her morning gown,
Extending a tentative toe to the floor
Below her bed.
The water had receded.
The mud tiles stretched hard packed and dry
All the way up to the circular door.

She smelled sunshine and predictions of more summer
That tempted her to slide her rounded self
Out from under the quilted cloths of recuperation.

Miss Mole (me) is reemerging from the blues. She climbed up the ladder and out of the mole-hole.

I went to church last Sunday at Christ the King, my old parish, and marveled at its beauty with new eyes.

I met my cousins Moira (first) and her daughter Julie (first once removed) after mass, and went to their house for a home-made waffle brunch with pecans and berries. Cousin Elaine took this picture of us enjoying the food out on the sun porch. Etta came too and was a good girl. So I’m relaxing...reading and have now established a routine, which has helped to give me purpose and joy.

1. Walk in the early AM, leaving Etta with my friends Glenn and David.
2. Cardio/weight train on alternate mornings at a health club I joined for one month
3. Draw in the afternoon at an artist studio complex in Brandon (1/2 hour away by car). I rented ½ a studio for a month. Etta comes along.
4. Visit friends, relatives, art shows occasionally
5. Help with the chores here in the house, like planting/weeding in the garden.
6. Mix all that up and go with the flow of a month to rest

Here are some pictures of events of the past week:

Planted some late tomatoes with David in the garden.

Girls’ sleepover at Glenn’s house on Wednesday. This is Toryn, me, Kerry and Glenn in the kitchen.

Dinner in Dummerston Vermont at Gordon Faison (with ear of corn in the ear), and Eleanora Patterson’s house. I’m in the middle. Etta is under the table. We’re enjoying grilled tuna, (Etta isn't), fresh local corn and green beans, even locally made vanilla frozen yoghurt on sliced peaches swirled with a drizzle of an expensive Italian balsamic vinegar reduction that tasted like sweet grape syrup with a tinge of piquant. Bravo!


  1. Ohhhhh, Love the development of the drawing...from down the hole to the tiny ladder emerging out...beautiful rendition! Really quite powerful!
    And, gotta say I love the ear of corn in Gordons ear!

  2. Routines are important. Looks like you are taking care of business with both your body and your mind! Glad you hear you so energized!