Saturday, August 18, 2012


 “The World Navel is the symbol of the continuous creation: the mystery of the maintenance of the world through the continuous miracle of vivification which wells within all things.”-Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, p.41 
Small hole 16" deep in the floor of hole #1
DAY 6: Low 70’s, crisp, and dry. blue sky with puffy cumulus clouds. 
Phase Two of the hole project began today in near perfect weather.  With a post hole digger and some doubts about my upper body strength in wielding this heavy tool, I began digging a small shaft in the floor of the larger hole-16 “ excavated today. Joseph Campbell would call this the “Navel of the World”. (It does look a little like a belly button at this point.)
Hole2 inside Hole1-16"deep at this point
 Mythologically speaking the Navel of the World is the circular spot in many epic tales where the energies of eternity break into time. It is the symbol of the continuous creation of life. And speaking of life, I’m feeling pretty lively today–not as exhausted as earlier in the week.
Post Hole Digger Dance: Lift, thrust, squeeze, lift, swivel, release. Over and over. I had a rhythm going until I hit quartz rocks...lots of them. I broke some of them up by jabbing straight down on them with the post hole digger. I turned into a slow moving jack hammer. I stopped today when I encountered a second layer of quartz. I need a new tool. I cannot kneel in the bigger hole to reach down with my trowel and pry out the stones. The ring of floor around the second hole is too tight. Other sculptors (stone carvers) occasionally come by the hole to see how I’m doing, and give me advice. They say the Carving Studio has a crow bar-like tool that’s long and skinny with a curved end. Sounds perfect for maneuvering inside this narrow shaft. I have to wait until Monday when Jonathan, the Studio Manager can find it for me. 
St.Bridget's Roman Catholic Church-West Rutland
That’s it, dear readers for Day 6. I drove around tiny West Rutland after today’s dig. I love St. Bridget’s RC Church at the top of a hill, all clad in white marble blocks–the most plentiful building material around. That’s Etta James in the second picture standing at the locked church door.
I close today with two playful drawings of water holes:
Holes on the beach and in the sea–top and side views
Waterfall and River Holes with small red boat

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