Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 ‘Things seem permissible underground that would be absurd or even wrong in the clear light of day”-Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children, 1981
35" Deep at end of Day 2

DAY 2: Mostly cloudy, low 80’s, a little muggy. Still good weather for digging.
Here I am standing in the hole after one hour of digging today. This seems to be my energy limit. I thought I was smiling for the camera, but I guess not. The hole is now 35” deep – down 5” from yesterday. Digging was harder today. I encountered lots of stones and rubble, plus a few big marble rocks that I dug around, but did not have the strength to remove. One monster stone may be a big boulder poking into the hole. Jonathan the Studio Manager said he’d see if he could extricate it. Still not thinking about the spiritual me. The physical self demands all my attention.
Hole site at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland Vermont
 The Carving Studio has kindly provided me with a tent, tarps and tools. 
spade-pick-shovel and gloves
 On Day One I used two types of shovel. The pick ax was too heavy. Now that I’m down almost 3 feet inside the hole, the space is too tight to swing and hoist the shovel, so I use the pointed spade to shave away at the sides and base. Then I scoop and scrape the dirt into a little plastic pail with the hand trowel. 
Pail and trowel-adjusting the tools for the changing space
 The pail doesn’t hold a lot, but it’s a good weight of soil for me to fling up and out of the hole onto a rising mound of dirt. I posted a 1minute 20 second closeup digging video to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5f9kYjice0
I’m feeling the effects of the digging tonight.  Not pain...just some soreness in the calves, biceps and waistline.  I recognize a fuzzy buzzing in my head. This sensation is my body’s gentle knocking at my consciousness that I’m exerting myself too much, and to slow down. I shook up a fizzy concoction of water and “Emergen-C”– a super dose of Vitamin C that has boosted my core stamina in the past. I also pulled something in my side when I tossed a pail of dirt out of the hole like a shot putter. We'll see how it feels in the morning, but so far so good. I’m craving fresh spinach, real butter, meat and chocolate.
I leave you, tonight with some hole drawings from last summer when I was contemplating this project and had a studio in Brandon, VT.
Hole 1-side cutaway
Hole 2-topview
Hole 3-side cutaway
Hole 4-side cutaway
Hole 5-side cutaway

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