Thursday, August 16, 2012


 “The journey goes down, not up...It’s as if the mountain pointed toward the center of the earth instead of reaching into the sky.” –Pema Chodron, “When Things Fall Apart” p.91

43" Deep at end of Day 4

DAY 4: Mostly sunny, high 70’s, humidity in the mid-50’s. Still good weather for digging.
I removed three more inches of dirt today to a hole-level of 43”. Standing inside the cylinder of space, I can now comfortably stretch out my arms along the rim. I love this punch-hole in the landscape that simply drops straight down from an innocent green lawn.
I encountered a bumper crop of big marble rocks today that were difficult to remove, hoist up and out, so I shoveled some of the excavated dirt further away from the rim. A mountain of soil had steadily built up along the sides of the hole mirroring the volume of empty space. Throwing new dirt over this mound was becoming too difficult. I also spent some time straightening the existing sides of the hole so they remain vertical.
Birch trees for ladder making
 I inspected birch saplings on the Carving Studio grounds that are being removed to create sites in the woods for the other SculpFest installations. 
Eva helps me carry the saplings
Eva, a sculptor from Philadelphia helped me trim and carry two of the baby trees to the hole site. My plan is to create a ladder from boughs and leafy branches that will emerge from the hole–probably in week three.
Thoughts: I am aging. This shoveling is exciting, but exhausting. Like knitting, quilting or walking, the job gets done rhythmically, methodically, patiently, little by little.  Digging this hole is a journey inside.
I leave you, tonight with four more drawings of imaginary holes.
Yin-Yang Holes-topview
Two holes and four entrances -sideview of tunnels
Hole with stones in the soil-sideview
Multiple holes with spiral entrance-sideview

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