Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A hole opens up on Ponce de Leon Avenue
And I fall in.
A shiny hybrid swerves.
Its youthful driver swears.
I’m breathless.
Etta stands on the rim
Looking in,
Leash draping down.
My arms hang limp.
Fingers dangle.
“Hi Sweetie”, I mouth
But nothing emerges.
My feet slip in the mud.
I try to zip my leather jacket–
The black one Mengu gave me
After the zipper broke.
A hand with a pair of feet
Drops orange cones
Around the edge,
And waves the wheels around me.
Etta stands her ground
But is ignored.
I long to climb out
Before the road crew fills me in.
            -C.K. 1.27.2009
DAY 16, TUESDAY: Low 70’s. Mostly cloudy. Damp. Afternoon rain. Clearing.
Julie Puttgen

Dearest readers,
I tarped the hole yesterday and it worked! Despite a night of showers and a downpour at noon today, the walls of the hole held! Miss Julie Puttgen, formerly of Atlanta visited today from Lebanon, NH. Here she is looking down the hole after we peeled back the tarp. Everything is wet, but no visible water damage. 

The sun emerged as Julie and I walked the grounds of the Carving Studio here in West Rutland. Ripples of sun reflected from the eddies of blue water in one of the four abandoned marble quarries, and flickered “like flames” as Julie said, along the marble walls. The sculpture interns swim here, along with local kids who arrive with towels over their shoulders. The quarries are described as skylights above a deep network of underwater marble mines, tunnels and grottos. 
I stacked more layers of marble shards...a patient puzzle of balance and compatible shapes. One side of the hole now has 22” of marble lining. The opposite side is 24” from the floor. I’m encountering those pesky projecting wall boulders and figuring out how to incorporate them within the jig-saw of marble strips. Fun!
Here’s my final two boat hole drawings, keeping the rain gods at bay.
9"x12", charcoal, acrylic, pastel and oil stick on paper
9"x12", charcoal, acrylic, pastel and oil stick on paper

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  1. Getting more and more exciting and more and more beautiful! Great work CeCe!