Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Thinking Place facing Northwest with two sugar maple saplings as support bones
Dearest Readers,
Status update:
A strained back required a two-week hiatus, but I’m back to building my lovely hut in the field here in Peacham, Vermont. Aging and my own bone fragility frustratingly required patience and trust that this body would heal itself if I would be kind to it, and not push too much. Pain meant no gain. 
Here's the sequence of events that unfolded over five days this week:

Two ideal curved maple saplings growing in the lower field
I saw down sapling number 1
Sawing down sapling number 2
Pulling the sapling over the rock wall up the hill to the site
Testing the arch of sapling number 2 at the Thinking Place site
Positioning sapling number 1-harder than it looks!
Positioning sapling number 2
View of support bones facing East-left side with too gradual a slope. The branch would not curve symmetrically.
Tying the two arched supports with twine
More hut building to come this week, dear readers,  weather and back permitting.


  1. Love these images and seeing you in your setting. Sorry for the back pain you have been experiencing. I see the "bones" of your life. Thank you. Take care.

  2. hope you thought to first ask permission each time of each sapling before you cut it. I often forget to, but when I do it can make all the difference later on. It's looking good

    1. Hi Laurence,
      Yes. I asked my landlady and showed her the saplings in question. The little trees are all on the land we live on.