Sunday, November 9, 2014


Etta in her "pet parka" with extra velcro tab I sewed to the back end. I'm tempted to get her "mutt-luks" for her paws

Dearest Readers,
Etta (my dog) and I have been ready for the Vermont winter for almost a month. It finally snowed on Friday. There was a distinctive cold snowy smell in the air, and an otherworldly dim gray lighting that enveloped the landscape. The leaves are really off the trees now. Bare brown branches creaked and clattered in the wind, disappearing into the slurry of thick white sky. Most of the day the flurries were miniscule white dots blowing horizontally, and sometimes in small circles. The roads stayed clear. 

The start of the snow flurries from my upstairs front window

Snow building up on the raspberry canes. Flurries thick in the air.
Final snow Saturday morning from my front window–a light dusting as it turned out
Snow is old hat to the local Vermonters, and a source of pride in their own hardiness,  but I’m registering a mix of excitement and trepidation. I haven’t driven in Vermont snow since 1980.  Will I remember how and be brave on the roads?  

I'll close with a photo gallery of all the paraphernalia I've accumulated to keep me and Etta warm and mobile this winter. Vermonters are serious about warm gear. I've had a lot to learn.

Studded snow tires for my little Scion XB

snow shovel is ready

A serious windshield scraper is ready–(I used to use a credit card in Atlanta to remove ice)

Spiked walking stick and ski pole are ready

Purchased clothes: warm slacks, wool blend socks, tight knit ski hat, down vest, full insulated underwear, wooly lined slippers, and deep-tread-waterproof-puffy-interior hiking boots
Donated clothes: fleece jacket, scarf, heavy gloves, lined raincoat, turtlenecks, wool sweater, over-the-boot waterproof spats for legs and ankles, and wool blend tops. Not shown: ear muffs, face and neck muff, down parka, and a combination face-neck-head wind protector.

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