Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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Dearest Readers,
We left off in my last blog with letter I (for i-phone). Ready for more?
Granddaughter Rosie’s Alphabet Book has grown from J through R.

 J is for your brother Jack
Who rode his bike
Around the track.

K is for kangaroo
Flying a kite.
Baby Roo in her pouch is holding on tight.

 L is for Linda
Your pretty mother,
Who loves you and Jack
Like no other.

M is for the monkey face
Smiling on Jack’s hoodie.
If he was real
I think he’d play
With you Rosie,
...Could he?

N is for Ni-Ne
A grandma so rare,
Who likes to wear
Plastic clips in her hair.

O is for Osman
Who is your Daddy
He’s strong and kind
And a little chatty.

P is for Pig
Who spends her time
Rooting for food
With her nose in the slime.

Q is for Quack–
The sound of a duck,
Not the bark of a dog
Or the honk of a truck.

R is for Rosie
For whom I took
The time to make
This Alphabet Book.

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