Monday, November 5, 2012


Weather:  Cooler today. Low 60’s. Cloudy and damp-ish.  The return to regular time is messing with my head.

Dearest Readers,
I woke up at 5:48 am, which is now called 4:48 on the standard time clock. It will take a few days for my body to slide back into this regular time frame. I’ll miss the predawn moon and the thick stars. Why do the morning stars outshine the thin-skinned bunch at bedtime? 10:00pm in old time, (two nights ago), just a few sickly stars struggled to shine through the clear, dark sky. The next morning before dawn the same dark sky was full of stars. Hmmm.

I’m making an alphabet book on for my two year old granddaughter, Rosie for Christmas.
I’m enjoying the silliness of creating nincompoop drawings and bad-but-cute rhyming poetry to accompany each letter on a page. Ever have the urge to let loose and be a little foolish?

Here are nine crazy creatures I’ve completed so far.
 (P.S. My grandma name is Ni-ne). 
A is for Alfie
He’s strong and he’s quick.
He likes to greet friends
With a bark and a lick.

 B is for Betty
Feisty and small,
Who yelps whenever
Ni-ne comes to call.

 C is a cockatiel named Dudley.
He’s cute and yellow
But not very cuddly.

 D is for Ducky
Who floats in the tub,
Like the three men of old
Who sang rub-a-dub-dub.

E is for Etta
Who has a long nose.
She likes to play outside
With Ni-ne and Rose.

F is for Felix
Shiny and black,
Who swims round and round,
Forward and back.

 G is for goat
Who munches all day
On grass and weeds,
Branches and hay.

H is for hydrant
With a hippo on top,
Who spins and dances
And hates to stop.

 I is for i-phone
Full of apps
For games and weather,
And GPS maps.


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  1. Dear SEE SEE, I love your whimsey and most of all--your imagination and facility with words. Your grandchildren are so fortunate to have their Ni-Ne!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the alphabet! Big hugs, Hallelujah