Monday, December 3, 2012


Weather: 43˚ when I woke up. Rising to 73˚. Wah-hoo!
Dearest Readers,
Rosie’s Alphabet Book is finished and published. I uploaded the text and images Thursday night to In two weeks one printed book at a reasonable price is due at my doorstep.
Copies and a preview of each page will be available online after December 15th at my "bookstore"

As a refugee from years in the printing, advertising and graphic design worlds, this is a miracle. In the late 70’s I was doing paste up and mechanicals...literally gluing printed type on boards and making photostats (PMTs) of solid “line” images (usually black and white) or cutting amberlith plastic squares to position pictures that the pre-press area would “strip” in after the pictures had been split into 4 pieces of screened film by a color separator into dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. (cmyk). In the 90’s and in my 50’s, I struggled to learn the digital revolution, and I’m glad I did. I’m not a computer graphic genius, but I have my feet firmly on the computer room floor.

So here are the final letters where I left off: S-Z, plus a revised J image and rhyme.

At the bottom of the blog is a newly completed self-portrait and quilted vintage portrait hankie.
J is for your brother Jack
Who likes to climb trees
in the front yard or back.
S is for sound
That comes to your ear.
It could be a train
Or a plane that you hear.
T is for train
With the blocks and the whistle.
I can't think of a rhyme,
So I've added a thistle.

U is umbrella
That's inside out,
Blown by the wind
And tossed about.

V is for Vespa,
A motor scooter,
That makes so much noise
You might like to mute her.

W is for wagon
That's red and plastic.
Rosie likes to ride in it–
She thinks it's fantastic.

X marks the spot
Where a picture should be.
I'm sorry to say
There is nothing to see.

Y stands for Yowie!
A happy sound.
You might shout it high,
Or low on the ground.

Z is for Zebra
The alphabet's friend.
We need her to bring
This book to an end.


New Self-Portrait #27-Unsure

New quilted hankie portrait-#38-Feeling Reborn

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