Saturday, October 24, 2015


Dearest Readers,

At the Great Salt Lake
This is Wai again, the hairy green frog creature temporarily loaned to me by Becky Jensen at the Peacham Library. Wai means water in the Maori language of New Zealand, I’m told, where he began his traveling life. He and my arm are stretched out by a northern bay of the Great Salt Lake near Willard, UT. Promontory Point juts out in the far distance behind us, blocking the larger view of the lake.

Great Ogden Mtn with a suburb nestled below

Goodbye to the great Ogden Mountain God with a frost in the morning air. 

Hello to more desert landscapes:

mountain passes with no services:

Descending Rattlesnake Pass-still in Utah

and a scary slew of caution signs today near the Idaho border, warning of the following disasters in these words:
“Frequent High Winds. Occasional Blinding Dust Storms”. “Wildfire Alert: Cellular #FIRE”. Moderate Fire Danger Today (on a sign-gauge with a moveable arrow), and Deer Migration Crossing Area–10 miles.
Deer migration crossing and various possible disasters area

Luckily there were no deer yesterday and the day was sunny and mild.
Moving right along at 65 mph into Idaho
Idaho has its own Hulk of a Mountain Being flaunting its size and beauty on the desert floor:
Lovely desert Rocky Mtn. near Holbrook, Idaho

but the dry surroundings flattened out again, and were planted with corn and crops with the help of lots of irrigation I’m sure:
Desert agriculture in Heyburn in southern Idaho
My friends the Rocky Mountains rose again on the horizon as I pulled into Boise:

On to Pendleton, Oregon today, my last 300 mile stopping point before the final jaunt to Portland tomorrow on Sunday, October 25th.  Is it possible that this inspirational trip is nearly over?

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