Monday, October 26, 2015


Dearest Readers,
Coming into Portland on I-84 on the old Oregon Train merged with the Lewis and Clark Trail
Attendant Alex pumps my gas_self-serve is against the law in Oregon!
Ta-Da! After a final fill-up in Pendleton Oregon, I arrived in Portland at last, driving yesterday into town in a driving rain. I'm still in bed today at 10:30....I need the rest.

Here are two final photos. one of  me with my daughter, Ayla (Joel is taking the picture) and one of my grandson Henry and I in my new apartment...a former 2-car garage converted beautifully into my new place.
Ayla, Cecelia and traveling frog, Wai, in my apt. in Portland OR
Cecelia and Henry in Portland Oregon on Sunday afternoon_10.25.2015

Thanks to all for coming along for the ride!

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