Monday, March 2, 2015


Mug and Donut winning sculpture by the Peacham Library staff and friends

Dearest Readers,

I love the community spirit of this village! Population 700-ish in the summer, maybe 500 now. This weekend many neighbors rolled up their sleeves, and put together a unique home-made Winter Carnival as an antidote to the cabin fever of deep winter in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  It was great! There was a snow sculpture contest, an oxen team snow roller demo, a lumberjack exhibition with axes and chainsaws, chili and hot chocolate, sugar on snow, a contra dance, pancake breakfast, guided nature hike on snowshoes, crafts for sale, a singer in the local cafĂ©, and snowmen throughout the town.
Put on your coats and hats...

Here’s my photo gallery of cool people and winter events:
Contra Dance Friday Night at the Town Hall
Saturday morning: VT  State Senator Jane Kitchel left, and her sister VT State Representative KittyKitchel at the Pancake breakfast, Saturday  at the Congregational Church. Real maple syrup!
Saturday morning: Charlie Browne, naturalist on left, Dina Danielson, Carnival organizer on right-Getting ready for the snowshoe nature hike.
Dina's teenage daughter is in the middle
The nature hike on snowshoes begins at the elementary school. Here Charlie vocalizes various owl calls
Saturday morning: Peacham School basketball court becomes an ice rink. No one here yet. 
Saturday: Kid made snowman on Church Street. Others throughout town.
Sunday afternoon: Boy eats the last sugar on snow at Kempton Village Farm on Church Street just before I arrived. It's made of heated maple syrup poured over snow. He told me his name, but I forget.
Saturday: Library team creating the winning mug and donut sculpture with shovels, pickax and chain saw
from a pile of municipal road removed snow
Saturday: Assistant Town Clerk sawing away at the coffee mug sculpture and sweating bullets
Sunday: Calvin Willard setting up logs, axes, and chain saws for the lumberjack demonstration
Sunday: Oxen team ready for the snow roller demo with Mike Low and Dick Hovey
Sunday: Before snow plows, oxen flattened the snow with heavy rollers
Sunday afternoon: kids climb up and tumble down the piles of municipal snow plow snow
Sunday afternoon: Last bowl of veggie chili and cornbread at the Vol. Fire Station-and I get it for free!

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