Tuesday, September 16, 2014


First ring of interwoven medium-sized sticks forms the base of the hut.

Dearest Readers,
I’ve begun to build a stick hut in the field that I call The Thinking Place. I’m winging it now, but so far the construction is giving me great aesthetic pleasure. I scrapped the idea of digging a deep hole in the center, and that decision is a relief.  A chair will sit in the center where the hole would have been. In the slow five-week process of removing, sorting and categorizing each branch from the original messy pile-up, I was dreading the day when I would presumably need to start digging the hole. This realization was not apparent to me at first, only a nagging unhappiness slowed down my progress.

So, with that load off my mind and back, I look forward daily to what will be created.
Here’s the latest sequential photo gallery.

Etta discovers the woodchuck hole beneath the last layer of small sticks

I rake away the final layer of sticks

Etta dives into the woodchuck hole-nobody home

Cleared base for the hut. Piles of sorted sticks in the background.

Measuring the hut's base circumference and positioning stone markers

Ready to build The Thinking Place

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