Sunday, September 15, 2013


Cynther's Electrolux

What, pray tell, is this metal and plastic creature
Stretched long and low upon my bedroom floor,
Ancient grey cylinder astride three plastic wheels?
Your tubular neck slithers down to a choice of probosci
Custom-made for the job at hand–drapery, rug, wood, baseboards.
How hungry you must be for dust bunnies to devour!
How slyly you anticipate my toe tap on your brawny back.
Ha! A hot spot poised for action
Teases me to give your starter a go.

Va-Va-Va-Voom. Whoa, baby, You’re eating my lunch,
And a world of detritus below the cushions.
Here’s to your voracious appetite and a bottomless gut.
“Feed me”, you roar, “Fill me. Dump me. Give me more!”
You are the queen of empty promises and temporary hopes.
Dirty-Clean-Dirty-Clean-Dirty yet again.

Dearest Readers,
Thanks to Cynther Greene and her excellent Electrolux beast of a vacuum cleaner. She owns the studio and apartment I’ve been in this summer. I will miss her, this place and beautiful Peacham Vermont.

Tomorrow I start my slow drive from Vermont back home to Decatur, Georgia. I can hardly wait to see my family and friends and am nearly ready to roll. The leaves are beginning to turn, and the morning weather was 37˚ one day last week and 39˚ another. Time to return. 

 I’ll leave you all with another unique Vermont museum. I squeezed in a trip to the Bread and Puppet Theater Museum not far from here. A two story barn is chock full of very big and some very small hand made puppets. A couple generations of this group have been making good, cheap art (their words), and politically charged puppet shows since the 60’s.Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Let Them Eat Cake

I attended a performance of Bread and Puppet's This and That Circus at the end of August. They have a fun loving spirit, slapstick humor, and a positive vision of social change. After the show we in the audience on the Bread and Puppet’s land, lined up for free crunchy home made sourdough bread drenched in garlic and olive oil.
Circus Finale:Slow fly-by of the Moon, planets and the Visionaries in an adjoining field

Side Stage: The Warrior and the Dragon

The Tiger Tamers

In my opinion B&P Theater is both visionary and a lot of fun! Here are links to two silly circus acts I taped. One I call the Tiger Tamers
Check out the puppet men who come in at the end to clean up the tiger puppet poop!
The second video is a random segment with stilt-legged puppets dancing to the band.(1:23)

Three cheers for art and summer fun!

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