Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Museum Entrance

Dearest Readers,
Hail to the singular town of Glover Vermont, and the ramshackle barn known as The Museum of Everyday Life, open 8am to 8pm daily! Turn the lights on when you enter, leave a donation in the box, and turn off the lights when you are done. A donkey in the fenced field is the first to greet you. The current exhibition is The Pencil and the 21st Century
Museum Map

A map leads the viewer from the Raymond Roussel Memorial Vestibule into the Great Hall featuring pieces from their permanent collection gleaned from past shows on the safety pin and the match. 
Safety pin sculptures & a shelf with a match box sculpture from the Permanent Collection

A gigantic bear costume impaled with rough-hewn pencils??? stands by the entrance to the Special Exhibition Gallery. 
Bear costume impaled with pencils perhaps?

I stand in front of the pencil-encrusted archway into the main space. That’s my friend Julie Puttgen in the gallery.

Pencil archway into the gallery's current exhibit

 Here are some examples of the pieces on view. 
C-Print of carved pencil point

Interactive Pencil "dart-board"Installation-pencils on shelf out of view
I forgot to photograph a closed door in the back of the gallery labeled Mysterious Door-Not Open to the Public. I guess I will never know what lies behind it. (Maybe a philosopher–see below.)

A lot goes on at this Museum. They feature a Performance Department–I liked the ToyTheater,
on their website. There's an Exhibition Department which organizes the shows, and a Philosophy Dept. offering philosophy residencies with housing for writing in rooms somewhere in the barn, uninterrupted project time, and arrangements made for artist space. Interested philosophers can apply by answering questions on the residency page:

One of the questions for the applicant is Do you have any farming/carpentry/plumbing/electrical or animal husbandry skills?

I love this place.

I’ll close with a copy of The First Manifesto of the Museum of Everyday Life. There are three more manifestos from the Philosophy Dept. at this link:
(The Roach Manifesto, Manifesto of Pre-Emptive Peace, and The Hurricane Manifesto No.1)

Here's Manifesto #1. Click on it to enlarge:

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  1. Dear SEE SEE! OH MY GOSH! I think you must be one of the luckiest people ever to keep seeing the amazing places you are visiting while up north! I love love love this museum! What fun!

    I want one down here in Georgia! Every day...a museum for every day life and real people, no corporate sponsors...touchable art! Hurray for the people of every day!