Sunday, July 7, 2013


Ayla shelling peas-waiting for Baby Henry in Portland, Oregon
Dearest Readers,
This is my beautiful daughter, Ayla in her Portland home shelling peas from her garden, waiting for the birth of dear baby Henry, her first child. He's overdue, and we're finding things to do to curb our anticipation.

I arrived Friday, two days ago, flying over the Appalachians, the Great Plains, the Rockies, the high desert, the Cascades, and glorious Mt. Hood gleaming below my airplane window.
Mt. Hood near Portland Oregon
Flying over the Rockies
Someplace West with a mix of mountains, desert and farmland
So we are reading, eating, coffee shop and movie-going, assembling baby paraphernalia, and yesterday, saturday, we climbed Mt. Tabor–a hill overlooking Portland with a steep path to the top. Come on Henry we're trying to nudge you along!
Ayla walking along the Mt. Tabor path
Tired feet-Made it to the top of Mt. Tabor
View of downtown Portland in the distance and city reservoir on Mt. Tabor
Douglas fir on Mt. Tabor
Redwood at base of Mt. Tabor
Cecelia assembling baby transport stuff
Ayla walking with me to a coffee shop (lots to choose from in Portland)
Joel and Ayla in their backyard-It's Sunday now

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