Monday, July 22, 2013


View of slow-moving clouds in Peacham Vt backyard

Dearest Readers,
I’m sitting quietly in the backyard, drifting with the clouds, experiencing a sensation of timelessness as dusk approaches. I’m utterly blown away by the inevitability of the cosmic turning, the harmony of birdsong, bee buzz and my dog lying blissfully at my feet.
I’ve returned to Vermont after two weeks in Portland Oregon waiting for the birth of Henry Orhan Adams, my fourth grandchild. It was mostly a time of deep connecting with my daughter, Ayla, her partner Joel, and bonding with Henry in the hospital during the last two days of my stay. I cradled him, snuggled him, and stared dreamily into his face. I’ve maintained a state of quiet abiding since returning.

Dreams change reality in this novel
Jetlag may be a factor, or the novel “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula Le Guin, which I started reading in Portland, and finished yesterday. The protagonist has the “gift” of effective dreaming, in which his deep-sleep-dreams come true–not just for him, but events shift for the entire universe, and no one except he and his hypnotherapist remembers the old reality. 

I’ll leave you, dear readers with two dreamy wildflower Ikebana arrangements I created today with materials gathered from the side of the road, and the five little vintage hankies with my portraits on them that I quilted in the hospital, and on the long flights from the Manchester airport to Portland and return. Click on the images to enlarge.
Cecelia, Buddha and a modest arrangement
Stark sun and shadow on fern and day lilies

Day 13-Feeling Enlightened

76-Feeling Athletic
22-Feeling Impatient
77-Feeling Adventurous

10-Feeling Cold
I think I’ll have a glass of wine and dream about the nearly full super-moon over Peacham last night…

Moon out my bedroom window, Peacham VT 7.21.2013


  1. Dear Cecelia, I am so moved by this entry filled with magical images. I especially like the one of you in the mirror with Buddha. But pretty angelic baby and the full moon are rich images too.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous baby, that Henry! Congratulations to you all, Cecelia! And thanks for again sharing your unusual and magical way of seeing and mindfully experiencing the world around you! Take good care....Madison

    1. Thank you dear friends Ruth and Madison.It's dusk and again the early evening ensnares me with its quiet fecund mystery. Thunder is coming and little Etta is shaking the bed. Good night!