Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2-Decatur Georgia-Home Again

Dearest Readers,
I have come home! My neighbor Anne came over with my extra keys, and snapped this picture of the two of us at the threshold.

Etta dashed out of the car, ran right to the correct outside door, and sniffed around. I don’t think she believed we’d ever return.

I am thankful for little things today, like the immaculate refrigerator scrubbed and cleaned by my summer student tenant, and my humble, sturdy bed. What a joy to find the place in tip-top shape.

Etta and I woke this morning to a misty pink sunrise over our Asheville campsite on the French Broad River. No problem finding a cafĂ© with hearty roasted coffee in this artsy town. By noon we were on the last leg of our circumnavigation of the USA, heading home. The heat and humidity on the road cranked up to the 90’s by early afternoon. I’m in the deep south when the ice cubes in the six-pack cooler melt in a couple of hours.

South Carolina greeted us with red clay hills, fireworks for sale, peaches and hot boiled peanuts, the Stars and Bars, deep fried funnel cakes and snicker bars, BBQ ribs, big Baptist churches with parking lots in front mall-style, Dixie Republic tourist shop, a University of Georgia bulldog football pickup at a rest stop on i-85, and the first road sign for Atlanta.

Welcome to Georgia. Thanks to everyone who called me on the road, or made a comment to the blog, or sent me an email in response. Thanks, Susie for helping me unpack my car. Glad to be home near my Georgia family and circle of friends.


  1. Welcome home!!! Gosh you have so much to get reacquainted with as you settle back in!!! I take it this means I will not be seeing you this month?? Sorry to even bring up travel as you just got home. Um, can you lend your student tenant to me? My fridge needs scrubbing too. hehehehehe

  2. Wow! Home sweet home! I imagine collapsing is in order for a moment, both of you!
    What an amazing journey you've been on-amazing! It seems years ago when you started out on the trip...what a great emerging experience you had an shared with us all...what a creative and inspiring project from the very first glove!
    Congratulations, you are and have made us all richer by your imagination!
    And Ahhhh, your very own coffee pot to wake up to each and every morning! Life is Good!

  3. How could i forget coffee?- The joys of home. I'm collapsing indeed, but there are some more side travels to finish up. Next weekend I drive to Tally and Jax and South GA to deliver more gloves, and then there are a few Atlanta artists I need to set dates for, to return their work. The big trip however is done!

  4. Welcome home Cecelia - you made it - now I will read it backwords. i love 1 & 2 & 3...