Sunday, April 26, 2020


Etta's dust bunny + dog treat crumb

Dearest Readers,
I return today to the Interwoven Heart blog to get off my ass and write about my life and art after a year of blogging silence–but first to honor Etta James my dear little corgi-dachshund (+ some other ancestry) who is the impetus for this writing. Etta died at age 15+ on Friday, April 24, 2020...two days ago. We were together at the end. I'll receive her ashes this week. Yesterday, perhaps pathetically, I swept up her black and white hairs into a dust bunny for my personal altar. This is of course an artist's way of holding her tight. One orange crumb of "marrowbone" dog treats emerged in the hairs. 

I'll be painting again soon, but for now I'll take a country walk, and do some crying as things in my daily life remind me of her. I'll end this short missive with a few pictures.
Etta and Cecelia in 2016-Peacham Vermont snow report

Etta's snow report-2am, last month-March, 2020-Peacham, Vt

Etta in her perky youth-Decatur, Ga-probably 2009

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