Sunday, January 20, 2019


A pair of newborn wings 
Fluttered like hands hooked at the thumbs.
Open. Close. Open. Close.
Making broom tracks in the snow 
And flickering shadows in the crisp moonlight.

I opened the window, reached out 
and gave them a boost.
My hands in their feathers.
Up. Down. Rise. Descend.
Off you go.

Left Wing In progress with Tree Self emerging_Week 2 

Dearest Readers,
A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to one half of a new diptych entitled “The Winged Dervish”, acrylic and oil on canvas. Here's where I am so far. (See Above). It is still in progress, morphing as I add the left wing to the right, seeing what happens when all that shape and color crashes against the opposite side. 

And here is your first look at the left side in progress:
Winged Dervish-Right Wing in progress with Tree Self  emerging
Too much going on? Maybe. Let’s see what happens this week as I add some paint here, sand away some color there. The image leads the way to what will stay and what will go. I sit back and stare, roll my studio chair away and lean back to get a wider view. 
Studio View-side by side
My head says Not right yet. I need some quiet inside or outside the pair of wings. I’ve added my spirit self to the mix…the outline of a tree slumbering across the winged landscape for stability, and strength in flight. The skulls remain along a branch, contained, but buzzing around to spoil the party.

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