Sunday, February 14, 2016


(Incredibly) Fragrant Winter Daphne in bloom now

3:00 pm Pacific Time. Portland OR_2.14.2016

Dearest Readers,

I’m four months now in Portland, and overwhelmed with the mounds of options I’ve uncovered for living happily here. My first draft for this blog enumerated all my new commitments, appointments and invitations to join groups. It was exhausting just to list them.

My tendency in life when confused has always been to dive into the self-imposed morass of choices, struggle and search, until I pull out the ones that satisfy. It’s a way to corral my intimidation of being in an unfamiliar city without old friends, and cover my head under a heap of busyness.

Time instead to sit and think. Trust and wait. Smell the flowers (like the sensuous Winter Daphne above), and walk the dog. 
Hapenny Road in Peacham Vermont

Last year inside the quiet of rural Peacham Vermont, I realized that four simple things seemed essential for my contentment. I reiterate them here:
Painting---Walking---Helping my neighbors---Hugging my kids and grandkids
Holding granddaughter Miss Iva Hazel a day after her birth

In my studio at home

That’s it. That’s the core of my joy, along with big chunks of solitude, quiet, and socializing.

Etta and my grandson Henry have figured out how to live this simple way.
They eat and play, sleep and love.  I’m getting the picture.


  1. Cecelia, I think what we have discovered is how to just "be". It's freedom to be ourselves and to follow our particular kind of joy. Thanks for sharing.