Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm thrilled to present to you the freakin' Empty POD!

6:00pm Pacific Time. Portland OR_12.3.2015

Dearest Readers,
I’ve done it! Slowly emptied my giant POD of furniture into my little house in Portland (with help of course).
The Ark of My Possessions landed in Portland

My furniture arrived from Atlanta about two weeks ago in the biggest POD unit available. It looked like an ark ran aground in the driveway, packed to the yardarms with at least two of everything in my world. Today the POD man hoisted it up and took the empty shell away. This is a milestone in my change of place.
POD Man hoists the empty ark

And takes her away!

For years I’ve claimed to want to live simply, but this time the rubber hit the road, and I really did have to downsize from a 960 sq. ft. Georgia condo, to my lovely 496 sq. ft. tiny house in Portland Oregon–a reconfigured, redesigned two-car garage adjacent to my daughter Ayla and her partner’s home. 
Half-way through moving in, the house is full and the POD is still 1/2 full

It’s been a challenge sorting through all my boxes and bins of “must haves”, and constructing piles of stuff to donate, keep, or ditch. This is just a corner of the studio before the giveaways:

Some boxes still remain in the house to be unloaded, but I know where things will go. It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but I’m relieved and unburdened.
At some future date more accumulations from my mother’s, and my life will need to be jettisoned, but I can move around in my house now, do Tai Chi and dance in the studio, entertain little Henry, (my grandson), Ayla and Joel, and readily retrieve what I have put away at a moment’s notice.

Creating my nest and studio space was step one in feeling at home. Check!
Cute isn't she? Kitchen on the left, Living Rm/Studio on right. Bedroom behind the kitchen, bathroom and closet behind the studio. Big loft for storing paintings above the kitchen

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