Tuesday, November 5, 2013


New Dawn, oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal on canvas, 41"x42"

Dearest Readers,
Meet the latest iteration of my painting Golden Dawn. She’s no longer golden, but does still represent a personal awakening…this upsurge in positivity and contentment that I’ve noticed in my being. Death still lurks as a spoiler, but that’s not on the “horizon”, so to speak.

Back in early September I took you on a blog-journey
 through the various lives of Golden Dawn, from initial ground 
Golden Dawn, early stage
 to a raw, vegetal creature, 
Golden Dawn, middle stage
 ending with a kaleidoscopic double swirl that I labeled as “finished”. 
Golden Dawn, "Finished"
Not so.  I noodled a few more times last month toning down the central areas with red and de-emphasizing the black surface lines in an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate the busyness.  
Golden Dawn, Additional Adjustments

 I was holding on to parts that I liked, but that just did not work.

This weekend I opened my stash of oils and made some serious changes. With a glass of wine as moral support, and a deep sigh, I slashed away at the former acrylic painting, leaving translucent areas, and reworking the double swirl, which is the essence of my resurgence.  I also pinned up a page from the Portland Oregon Gallery Guide as inspiration showing the abstract oil paintings of Barbara Sternberger whose courageous style I admire. I viewed them this summer at Elizabeth Leach Gallery.

 I’m happy with the result.
New Dawn

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