Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 11- 17–IN BROOKLYN WITH THE KIDS-On the Road to Vermont

Semra and Roman heading to work and Pre-K in Brooklyn NY
Dearest Readers,
Meet my daughter Semra who’s a musician and the development director at the Brooklyn School of Music, and my grandson Roman on his way to pre-K. NYC schools end the year on June 26th. I’m here for a week.

I arrived Tuesday and miraculously squeezed the Scion into a teeny parking space in front of my daughter’s apartment. Mon Dieu-this is news! I emptied the car of all items to preclude any possible break-ins. Last year someone got into my car and spread my art supplies around searching for valuables. “This is Brooklyn, if you know what I mean”, a neighbor told me as I piled my stuff on the brownstone (whitestone) porch and proceeded to lug them upstairs. He helped me part of the way. He meant I should watch my things. 

Grandma and Roman at home in a nose-prominent i-phone pic

I’m playing grandma, listening to Roman, 
Roman playing his kid drum kit with Etta James in awe
following him around, 

Roman with bored face on the mechanical plane that does not work-DeKalb Ave. Bklyn
 slow-walking home from the music school, 
Roman head-banging on a sycamore near Ft. Greene Park, Brooklyn
learning about Power Rangers and Ironman, 
Roman's Ironman in a cone St.Felix St., Brooklyn NY
watching his hip hop dance class rehearsal for the big recital show on Saturday, 
Roman peeking from wings at Ninja Dancers Bklyn School of Music rehearsal
Link here and here to Roman's 2 hip hop dance numbers in a not so organized little kid troupe rehearsal without costumes. He's the short guy on the left at the start of each dance in a plain tee shirt, before all the rolling around on stage.

I’ll close with i-phone snapshots of "crossings" on the drive to Brooklyn-glorious land of diversity, creativity, public singing, garbage and forever honking cars.
Crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey-Dry at Last
Welcome to New Jersey and the NJ TPK -still pretty dark 

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn- Clearing Sky!

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