Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOST AND FOUND New creations and discarded objects

Day Wings -Final_gesso_acrylic_charcoal and pastel on canvas_44 in x 40.5 in
Dearest Readers,

I’ve completed a new painting of wings that I’m tentatively calling “Day Wings”. This one follows in my recent direction of an understated palette and more abstraction in my approach. The subject as always, is the possibility of rising or transformation. The spiraling feathers circle around a hole perhaps in the sky. Like the hole I dug last summer in the ground, and the ladder that rose out of it, I keep excavating the spirituality of transcendence. Below are three preliminary phases in its creation.
Counter clockwise charcoal spiral around an off-center black hole

Addition of a red pastel clockwise "wing"

Clarification of lines, addition of gray acrylic "sky" and vertical background lines

Two new ikebana arrangements are reductionist meditations on the essence and interrelationship of these momentary plant tableaux. Looking at them, working with them, leaving, then coming back to work some more on them gives me peace.
Unremembered succulent spikes from Farmers Market, evergreen and pom-pom mums

Found branches, and pom-pom mums

Finally, I noticed three discarded objects on my walks around the neighborhood–a hairnet, a plastic floss holder, and a missing brick in a wall. All expressed some bit of human resilience, strength in adversity, and in one case a deep longing for the comfort of home.

Mint green floss holder
Adrift on a concrete sea
Holds tight the string
That is his reason to be.
Sunday 3/24/2013

A row of brick spits out
A broken cuspid on the lawn–
Smiles a gap-toothed terra-cotta grin.
Thursday 3/21/2013

Foodservice hairnet on the post office lawn
Bends in a fetal curl
Longing for the warm, dark pocket of home.
Friday 3/22/2013

I conclude with a perky group of tiny pansy faces tucked cheerily in a rock garden, ready to burst into song.

A chorus of pansies
Fresh faced and expectant
Lean into the morning–
Awaiting the maestro’s wand.
Friday 3/22/2013


  1. Dearest SEE SEE! I feel such joy when arriving at this page of your blog! What a STRONG SPIRIT inhabits this space, these images, these words shaped into poems.

    The finished image of your wings is joyously moving both with HEART and SPIRIT. I love the muted palette. It feels gentle yet strong.

    I feel that the ikebana are a subtle reflection of the form of wings in your painting. Well they were created by the same BEING!

    How fun your findings made into photos and poems! Whimsical but elevated by being SEEN and documented!

    Please share your thoughts about your creative process on the new FB group, THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE that I started this past Sunday. You are the perfect SOUL to share your daily creative efforts. Link to your blog! Share your website! Share your images! Share your thoughts!

    1. I appreciate your input on the various art pieces in the blog.

  2. Cecilia, Your Day Wings are lovely. I love the movement peacefully flowing from the dark center.

    1. Sarah,
      So good to hear from you. Are you still going to the art group at the Shambhala Center? I haven't been in a long time. It's time I re-connected with the gang.I hope to see your art again.