Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 9-10 STORMS BREWING-Still on the Road to Vermont

On the Road Again---Welcome to North Carolina
 Dearest Readers,

Sunday June 9-Made it to Raleigh, NC

I crossed the border into North Carolina near Otto about 10 AM. It was a cool day of magnificent cloud formations and threatening storms up and down the Smokey Mountain highways. 
Great Smokey Mtn Highway in the morning near Ashville.
The overcast sky was easy on the eyes. Only a few sprinkles materialized. Arrived in Raleigh at the home of artists and designers Ann Cowperthwaite and Mike Parker, owners of Eidolon Designs-the place to go for fine interior millwork. 
Ann Cowperthwaite-storm approaching-Raleigh NC
 We sat on their front deck watching a storm break after dark, while Etta used her nose like a shovel to bury a rawhide “bone” compliments of Ann. 
Etta buries her bone under the rosemary

Monday June 10th- On the road around 9am. Made it to a Super 8 (not so great) motel just off i-95 in New Castle Delaware by 5pm. 

 It was a day of constant downpours, big trucks throwing up blinding tire spray, and less than speed limit patches of drenched highway. Ate a sandwich from my cooler in a hurry under a roadside picnic table during a brief lull in the rain. Dark gray-blue
clouds approaching. Tolls and tunnels throughout the day. Snapped unsafe pictures on my iphone of the road and the weather around this little boat of myself.
Big Storm Brewing Near Petersburg, VA

Another Storm Churning Up-Baltimore in the Distance
Crossing through the Slippery Harbor Tunnel in Baltimore under the Patapsco River
More Rain Near DC on i-95

Cars and Trucks Splash Road Rain Somewhere on i-95
Crossing into Delaware in the Rain on i-95

I could only find fast food for dinner. Bought a bottle of wine and some chocolate at a shopping center. I crashed and slept really well, with the AC in the room blasting out white noise against the roar of traffic outside.


  1. I am somehow comforted by this road journal...guess it gives me a good idea of what you are experiencing...

  2. Thanks Ruth. I'm settling in in VT and finally reading past posts. It was a good roadtrip. I felt adventurous and eager to hit the highway, no matter the weather conditions.