Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7-Parties, Post Office, Painting-Rutland Vermont

Dearest Readers,

Meet my friend–the incredible, obsessively artistic Michael Beale cooking me dinner last night in his bulging-with-art condo. I’m wedged in a side chair at the dining table. The whole place is an art installation of gazing balls, glass and stone spheres, lava lamps, sculptures and paintings everywhere including the couch and most of the walking areas.

In the first picture of the living room by day, you get a glimpse of the only two open chairs on the right. The end tables have no space to put a drinking glass on. I bumped into a few objects and learned to keep my elbows in and weave slowly through the maze.
Obviously Etta cannot come into this house!

Here are some pics from different rooms and angles by day and night.
On the menu was a butter and milk based soup with fresh-that-day baby peas, heritage Italian zucchini bits and new corn shaved off the cob. Salad made of diced greens, tomato and cubes of untoasted sourdough with dark balsamic dressing. Dessert was the decadent dark chocolate flour-less “cake” from Brandon’s CafĂ© Provence.

Friday night Michael took me to an artist party called “Vino and Vinyl” hosted by Linda and Ron Evans who live in Clarendon, VT in an old mill that they have been renovating for 30 years. The soaring structure hovers on a rock ledge overlooking the low flowing Mill River near the Kingsley Covered Bridge. Good food, drink and dancing to Ron’s extensive record collection.

Michael is on the left, Linda and Ron, center, and John and Stephanie from Tampa.

This is the postman at the Rutland Vermont PO accepting Eric Hancock’s Hand to Hand glove art. I had to mail them to him since he will not be in New York when I arrive later this month. Eric took a position teaching art in Austin. I already drove through there in June in the early stages of this journey. Initially the postman said I was not allowed to photograph him because of security reasons. Then he changed his mind, and let the man in line in front of me shoot this pic. I’m smiling about that.

Studio Report...I’m continuing the intuitive drawings of holes in my studio. Here’s one of sky holes.

I’m learning imovie and Flash through tutorials and a session with my very smart web guy, Andrew Christie. Here’s a link to my first test movie from scratch with Etta as my 21-second star.
I FINALLY learned how to import film from my Flip camera to the application. That basic step had been my stumbling block. (Sorry Apple...that first step was not intuitive.)

I began the week last Sunday by helping Glenn, my friend in front in the turquoise dress where I’m staying, host a “Lia Sophia” costume jewelry party (like a Tupperware party). We vacuumed the house, prepared a selection of brunch foods, and entertained a group of her church friends last Sunday. Michelle, the young jewelry salesperson, conducted the show-and-sell event. I didn’t buy anything, but others did, and Glenn said it was a success. This “direct sales” type of shopping is alive and well despite the economic downturn.

Rainy and gray today (Sunday). Decided to rest and read and write to you!


  1. Mr Beale - does he make any of those spheres? I'm SO incredibly curious what his day to day life is like and what he gets out of the installation on a daily basis. Fascinating!

  2. Michael used to do art himself, but not lately. I believe most of the objects in the rooms have been acquired. He loves to be surrounded by these beautiful things. It seems easy for him to weave through this installation because he pays attention to the objects around him. I can't say what he gets out of the art on a daily basis, or exactly what he does each day. He advocates for some artists and is a dedicated bike rider.